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After hours, days and dead moments thinking about how to do it, I'm still the same. So there it goes:


I started with what I believe is in my blood and in large part is that I was born surrounded by it...


Love of art, design, creativity, inventing, creating, for my body to try and wildly look for a way to make a thought physical.


I always liked to draw, I always drew.

Also photography, I always photographed.

In my house I saw fix the most serious problems with the most delicate strings. And that creativity must be that sticks.

So far, the most important thing and it was also free.



Later I studied, what in my opinion is the base of the pyramid, marketing. At that time, and very incidentally, I came across a small corner called advertising. Knowing let me choose.


And as it happened before, I got to know the word "design".

(That other "little" corner of advertising) and I decided to meet him too.

I started with graphic design, going through illustration and at the end, and luckily, I met my friend 3D.

The mothion graphics master gave me wings.

Thanks to him, now I can do what I've been looking for for years...



I am the development of my history, my studies, my experiences, new people who contribute bad things, but also very good things, you learn from everything.

I am also a large part of those closest to me who have been surrounding me and enriching me for 29 years. That's basically me.


I could define myself in many ways and give many very technical names to my profession, but in reality I don't know what I am, I do what I feel the best that I can. It is not always easy to materialize something as complicated as an idea in your head. But when you get...

Oh when you get...

"If I have means, I use them. When I don't, I create them..."


THE BRAND: Morearte

Morearte is a personalized visual design agency, starting with an idea, studying it, giving it shape and then bringing it to life.

My mission?

- Design something unique and personal, exclusive and aesthetic.

My vision?

- Create a link with each project, with each client, and that they always come back.

My values?

- Quality, dedication and above all, love of art.



I believe in spaces and their harmony, I believe that a work of art can be chosen or can be created based on a specific space, that's why I go further.

It may be that many times an image matches the aesthetics of your environment but... and sometimes what doesn't?

Why not "custom art"?

Why not a work expressly created to adapt to a space?



Some of you may think that art and advertising are not very related, but they are not that different.

To a greater or lesser degree, both consist of representing an idea in the most expressive and beautiful way possible, always taking into account its main function, to communicate.

Normally in the plastic world it is the artist who embodies his idea, in the world of advertising the designer shapes the client's idea and complements it, although sometimes and rarely he creates it from scratch.


Now with "custom art" the same thing can happen, art sometimes becomes an idea of ​​two parts and not just the artist.

Speaking clearly, I want to know what painting you want to decorate your space, I want you to tell me about its light, color, composition... in order to create something that matches perfectly or that contrasts with it.

Two people think exactly twice as much as one, which is why I think that to reach a perfect point of satisfaction and understanding, it's not just worth giving ideas, but you also have to receive them.


The heart of your brand. What do you want your image to say about you?

Creation from scratch of a new corporate image (Logo, naming, visual identity),

Modernization of an existing image, application of identities in new formats and contexts.

Mobile and fixed outdoor advertising, signage design for small and large format, merchandisign, etc.

-Packaging Design

I try to squeeze the essence of a brand to represent it in a single design, the one that contains your product, the one that everyone takes home. And there, the one who will talk about you.


Illustration is a traditional or digital drawing, painting or printed work of art that explains, clarifies, illuminates, visually represents, or simply decorates a written text, which may be of a literary or commercial nature.

Editorial, conceptual, advertising illustration, for cinema,

video games, record companies, illustration specializing in surfboards, snowboarding, skateboarding.

-Architectural and Product Photorealistic Infographics

-Graphic corporate communication

-Interior design


-Motion graphics

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